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This week in Canada, we saw major updates on the disastrous Fort McMurray fire, various prominent female politicians and their reaction to Hillary Clinton’s nomination, a hilarious fight between an American Eagle and a Canadian Goose, and the return of professional wrestler Brock Lesnar after he retired to a Saskatchewan farm.

Ashes from Fort McMurray Fire Deemed Toxic

CkbzREjUkAEjkFzImage Source: Twitter

We all saw the photos and videos of Fort McMurray burning to the ground. The intense inferno burned through Fort McMurray and damaged much of the surrounding area. Although recovery from the Fort McMurray wildfire will be tough, especially for those displaced by the rampant wildfires that scorched the Earth in the past few weeks, it will not occur for a while.

A chemical analysis of the ash left over from the wildfires have found dangerously toxic levels of contaminants like arsenic (up to 20 times the level deemed safe for humans by the Alberta government.) While residents of Fort McMurray have returned to the city, they are being advised not to touch or interact with the ash. They are also being told not to inhale it.

Meanwhile, emergency crews are cleaning up the ash and spraying it with resin to ensure it does not become airborne. The existence of this ash, and the danger it presents to all life, will delay the removal of debris, as well as the reconstruction process as the Alberta government attempts to restore Fort McMurray to its former way of life.

Certain neighborhoods have been quarantined, although at least 40,000 residents have moved back. It is not clear whether these residents know of the risk the ash poses to their long-term health or not. They may temporarily move away while emergency crews and professional waste management companies remove the ash and debris that has coated the city.

Canadian Female Politicians React to Hillary Clinton’s Nomination

hillaryclinton060716Image Source: Indian Z

After the Associated Press declared Hillary Clinton America’s first female nominee for a major political party, female Canadian politicians took notice. New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Carol Hughes was delighted by the spirit and optimism of Clinton’s message to the world, stating “we have to do all that we can to try to support women into politics and at higher levels as well.”

Liberal Member of Parliament Yasmin Ratsani talked about gender barriers and how women in all industries and workplaces, especially politics, have to deal with challenges that their male counterparts do not.

In terms of Canadian politics, women have already reached the top and one of them currently leads the Conservative Party. Kim Campbell became the Prime Minister of Canada in 1993, before she lost the election to Jean Chretien of the Liberal Party of Canada. Currently, the Honorary Rhona Ambrose of the Conservative Party is the Interim leader as Canada’s official opposition to the Liberal Party.

In the Canadian political system, it is easier for a woman to head the country. American politicians run independently of each other, even if they are all running for control of the same political party. In Canada, the party puts forth their choice for their party leader, and Canadians vote for the party instead. As a result, there is less party infighting and greater social cohesion since everyone is involved in the political process, regardless of who their leader is at the time. Time will tell if Clinton can secure the general election and become America’s first female President.

Hilarious Fight Between a Canadian Goose and the American Eagle Went Viral

13350302_10154367874355809_2712467989411007358_oImage Source: Global News

A “fight” between an American Eagle and a Canadian Goose went viral online this week as journalists and other bloggers attached anthropomorphic qualities to these lesser life forms. Whether birds have consciousness depends if you are an ornithologist or not.

The Internet lit up with theories about how this interaction between two birds paralleled American-Canadian foreign policy and the assumed inherent militarism of the United States.

The altercation was captured by photographer Lisa Bell, after she heard the birds fighting while she was staying at Spider Lake Springs Campground on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As it is tradition, the Canadian goose surrendered (probably due to its French heritage), fleeing to the safety of a nearby pond while the American Eagle watched it from a distance.

You can see more photos of the incident here.

What the……!!?

1401x788-GettyImages-485063230Image Source: Rolling Stones

MMA Superstar Brock Lesnar will be representing Regina at the 200th Ultimate Fighting Championship this July. After leaving the UFC in 2011, he moved up to Saskatchewan in typical action hero fashion: to start a farm. And like a typical action movie hero, he was restless and needed to return to the violent world he once knew: ultimate fighting.

Although Brock Lesnar is American, and it is unknown whether he has even applied for, or received, Canadian permanent residency or citizenship since moving to Saskatchewan in 2011, he will apparently be representing Canada at the event. This feeling is odd for Canadians as their celebrities, like Jim Carrey and Justin Bieber, usually move to America to achieve success.

Lesnar will be facing off against rival Mark Hunt on July 9th. Hunt will be difficult for Lesnar to beat, especially since he has been retired for five years and working on a farm. Hunt, standing 5’10” at 256 lbs, has a reach of 72’. He boasts a 12-10-1 record. Although Lesnar is much taller than Hunt, standing 6’3”, he only outweighs him by 9lbs. Although height is important, weight differences between fighters are as well. Lesnar has a 5-3-1 record and is known for his size and wrestling ability. The Lesnar versus Hunt matchup will certainly be interesting to watch.

Lesnar previously held an impressive 106-5 college wrestling record while enrolled at the University of Minnesota. Regardless of the time spent in retirement, his lunchbox hands and his pummeling game will be hard to beat.

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