17 Fun Facts About Latinos In The United States

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The latest Pew research confirmed that there are 54 million Latinos living in the United States. What are the peculiarities of the Latino culture in the US? It may be hard to narrow it down in a few lines.

Mexican Americans conform the largest community of Latinos in the US (65%), followed by Puerto Ricans (9%) and Cubans (3.5%). Latinos from different backgrounds have also occupied high government positions. Since Latinos come from diverse Latin American nations, there are plenty of peculiar facts about them.

Disregarding any fixed structure, we randomly picked some of our favorites:

1. The Latino Vote Is Roughly The Size Of The Population Of Texas

Image Source: Fox news

In 2014, 25 million latinos living in the US were eligible to vote. 25 million people is approximately the same amount of people living in Texas, the second most populated state in the United States.

2. Latinos Own More Guns Than The Entire US Police Force

Cook County Board Proposes Tax On Guns And Ammo
Image Source: Fox News

Almost 20% of Latinos in the US own a gun. This means that about 10 million latinos in the United States have a gun at home. That’s about ten times the size of law enforcement officers who are allowed to carry a gun in the US (1.1 million)

3. There Are As Many Latino Catholics In The US As There Are In Central America

Image Source: NRC

There are approximately 30 million latinos in the US who are catholics. 30 million is also the amount of Catholics living in central America, which ranks second place in having the highest density of Catholics in any world region, (right after South America).

4. Spanish Is More Widely Spoken In The US Than In Spain

Image Source: Portada Online

There are 45 million Latinos in the US who speak Spanish either as a first or second language. 46 million is the population amount living in Spain, the country where Spanish originated. Comparing numbers, there are more Latinos speaking spanish in the US than there are in Spain (46 million people), considering that a section of Spaniards (4 million) speak mainly Catalan).

5. Latino Marijuana Smokers Is Five Times The Population Of Jamaica

APTOPIX Brazil Protest
Image Source: Huffington Post

33% of Latinos in the US have said to consume marijuana. This is to say that about 16 million of Latinos have smoked marijuana for recreational purposes. 16 million people is more than five times the size of the population of Jamaica (2.9 million), birthplace of the Rastafarian movement, which promoted the spiritual use of marijuana all over the world.

6. There Are More Black Latinos In the US Than In Most Latin America Countries

Rosario Dawson-Image Source: Analliv

There is about 1.2 million Black Hispanics living in the US. This is way more than the total black hispanic population of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador and Uruguay, which combined amounts to one million people.

7. Almost Half Of The Amount Of Interracial Couples In The US Involve A Latino

Image Source: Uwire

91% of all millennials agree with interracial dating and marriage. But this progressive rate does not reflect in real life: only 7% of married couples in America are interracial, which is approximately 5 million couples. Overall, Latinos in the US are more open to interracial dating. 45% of those 5 million interracial married couples in the US have a Latino partner.

8. If The U.S Young Latino Population Were Its Own Country, It Would Be The Youngest Nation In The World

Image Source: Huffington Post

A 2012 poll by Pew Research revealed that 9 million Latinos in the US were under the age of 18. Nowadays, Niger, the African country with the youngest population density in the world, has roughly 9 million people under the age of 18.

9. The US Latino Buying Power Is Higher Than That Of Most South American Countries

Image Source: La Nacion Hispana

According to Santiago Solutions Group, a consultancy group specialized in Hispanic Markets, the entire Latino Population in the US has a buying power of 1.5 to 1.7 trillion dollar per year. One begins to realize how wealthy the United States is by considering that the purchasing power of the entire South American region (excluding Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, of course) is also 1.5 trillion dollars.

10. There Might Be As Many Latino Alcoholics In The US As There Are In Russia

Image Source: Latinos Health

According to the National Institute of alcoholism, 4.8 million Latinos “will suffer” alcohol dependence once in their lives. This number is close to the current official amount of Russian alcoholics: 5 million. The Russian figures may be biased, considering that beer in Russia was finally categorized as alcohol in 2013.

41.7 percent of Latinos in the US consider themselves occasional alcohol drinkers. Among all the Latino nationalities, Puerto Ricans have the highest propensity to drink, closely followed by Mexicans. Overall, 21 million Latinos in the US drink alcohol occasionally. 21 million does not sound tragic in a country where 88,000 people die due to alcoholism and 17 million people suffer of alcohol addiction.

11. There Are More Latino Women In the US Than Employees In The Federal Government

FL: Stetson University College of Law 3/31/2010
Image Source: Stetson

There is about 25 million Latino Women living in the US. This number is higher than the number of people of both sexes employed in the federal government, including contractors: approximately 22.3 million employees.

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12. In Regards to Cheating, Latinas In the US Are Slightly More Open Minded Than the French

Image Source: Huffington Post

According to Ashley Madison, 35% percent of Latinas in the US have been unfaithful to their lovers more than once. This is a higher rating than that of French women, who are “supposedly” quite comfortable about it. In the latest poll, 32% of French women had admitted cheating on their spouse or significant other.

13. There Are As Many Latino Lawyers In The US As There Are Lawyers In The State Of Ohio

US Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor-Image Source: Fox news

In 2014, there were 36,000 Latino lawyers in the US. 36,000 is also the total amount of lawyers (of all ethnicities) in the state of Ohio.

14. The Number Of Latinos In US Prisons Is Roughly The Size Of The Population Of Miami

Image Source: Abc

As of 2015, there is roughly 429,000 Latino men imprisoned in US jails. This inmate population is close to the entire general population living in the city of Miami, Florida, which reaches 430,000 people.

15.  The US Population Of Mexican Origin Is About A Fourth Of The Population of Mexico

Image Source: Chihuaha

As of 2013, the populations of Latinos in the US of Mexican origin reached 33.5 million. This is about a third of the total population of Mexico (122 million), the second most populated in Latin America.

Compared to the Latin American population, 33.5 million people is a staggering high number. All Latin American countries have lesser populations, with the exception of Brazil (204 million), Mexico (121 million), Colombia (48 million) and Argentina (43 million).

16. Almost Half Of US Latinos Own A Home In the US

Image Source: Huffington Post

A Pew Research study revealed that 46% of Latinos in the US own a home. Translated to real numbers, this means that 25 million Latinos own a home in the United States.

17. The Amount Of Latinos Infatuated With Trump Is Higher Than The Population Of Houston, Texas

Image Source: Bored Panda

Playing with the numbers recorded from the latest polls, we discovered that 37% of all Latino Republicans will vote for Trump. Doing further calculations, it is estimated that, if the elections were held tomorrow, 2.3 million Latinos nationwide will vote for Donald Trump (This is higher than the population of Texas: 2,1 million). Now, you might experience a brain meltdown trying to understand why…

Bonus Fact:

Hispanic: Who Came Up With That Weird Term?

Grace Flores-Hughes-Image Source: Nahj

Sandra Cisneros, the well-renowned Mexican-American writer, always hated the term “Hispanic”.  She said that “people who use that word don’t know why they’re using it. To me, it’s like a slave name. I’m a Latina.”

But who actually came up with the term “Hispanic”? Another Latina. Grace Flores-Hughes, a Latina working for the Federal Texas administration during the Reagan era, came up with the term “Hispanic” to represent the Latino population. Flores-Hughes said: “I am not in favor of “Latino” because it represents the people of the Mediterranean: including Portuguese and Italians, if you take it literally.”

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