Horrific Images Of The Fire That Is Rampaging Across Cape Town

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The City of Cape Town, South Africa, has been decimated by wildfires for the past 5 days. Today it looks as though the fires are finally receding, but the devastation has already taken place. Homes, forests, wildlife, and hope have all taken a beating in the past few days.

Cape Town’s finest firemen and women have fought hard for long hours to try and save people’s livelihoods. Once fully under control, people will start to pick up the pieces, and get their lives back in order. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities on earth, the famous Table Mountain looks over the glorious city, as the waves come crashing down on its vast beaches. The community is strong and will come together in the face of adversity.

Brave Firemen fight against the heat of the flames

A fire Team takes a breather after a long struggle to put out a blazing fire

Firemen fighting a huge blaze

The mountains burn

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Prays for Cape Town

Apartments burn

Helicopters fight the fire from above

Fires burn out just meters from peoples homes

This video really sums up the battle South Africa has been in the past few days.

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Cape Town on Fire - A Community in Crisis

As Fires still blaze on in parts of Cape Town, donations are still rushing in to get the supplies needed to firemen and those in need. 

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