Five Terrifying Horror Stories That Make These French Castles Unforgettable

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Owning a castle in France sounds like a dream to most: magnificent and rich in history, they are the closest thing there is to a fairy tail life.

Well, not always. Read up on these terrifying things that took place in French castles.

Serial Killers Hiding Dead Bodies at Château du Sautou

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Gruesome murders happened in this imposing castle in the northern city of Donchéry in the Ardennes department in the 1980s. Yet, it wasn’t until 2004 that Police was able to uncover the bodies.

Michel Fourniret, a serial killer nicknamed “Ogre of Ardennes” for murdering at least 9 people, acquired the castle with blood money earned from murdering Farida Hamiche. Her partner, Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch, was Fourniret’s cellmate. He sent her after he learned in prison of a treasure buried in the woods by the Wigs Gang, a notorious gang of bank robbers. Instead of splitting the spoils with Hamiche, Fourniret lured her into the woods and murdered her.

But he was only getting started. With the help of his wife Monique, Fourniret kidnapped and raped two girls that he buried near the castle, including Jeanne-Marie Desramault, a 22-year-old student that the couple met on a train, and Élisabeth Brichet, a 12-year-old girl that they spotted as she was visiting a friend’s home. After waiting for the young girl to leave the domicile, the killers lured her into their car under the pretext that their baby was sick and needed to go to a doctor.

Instead, the “Ogre” raped her and killed her 36 hours later at his home.

Bloody Baroness Kills Husband’s Mistress at Château de Veauce

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This imposing 11th Century fort castle is more famous for its tales of murders and ghosts than Medieval architecture.

According to legend, the castle owner, Baron Guy de Daillon, who inhabited the property circa 1560, fell madly in love with his maid, Lucy. His wife, Jacqueline de La Fayette, became growingly jealous of her husband’s feelings for the belle, so much so that she decided to throw her in the castle’s dungeon when he left for war and let her starve to death.

Rumors have it that Lucy regularly comes back to haunt the castle’s walls every night. Aside from the castle’s new owner, a student worker has confirmed sightings of the ghost.

Medieval Club Member Mysteriously Murdered at Château de Montaiguillon

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A tragic unsolved murder case took place in the Medieval castle of Montaiguillon. Located near Provins, the town is known for its Medieval fairs near Paris.

On the evening of April 24, 2002, Frederic Lanelle, a commis chef and the head of a Medieval reenactment association, was found covered in blood in the castle’s kitchen. His autopsy revealed that he was shot three times in the head, but gave no further indication of who committed the crime.

Police still debate what led to the gruesome homicide. They’ve ruled out the hypothesis of a burglary gone bad — they retrieved, unopened, a box containing €1,000 in cash and a collection of Medieval arms and costumes. They also noted Lanelle’s dog was still alive, meaning the likelihood of a struggle was unlikely.

Another possibility is that Lanelle’s murder was an act of revenge. They suspect someone from his past was responsible for it, either out of jealousy or because of a dispute Lanelle had keep secret from his friends.

Century-Old Ghosts Haunting Château de Fougeret

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The Medieval castle of Fougeret, located near Poitiers in the South West of France, is the Hexagon’s most notorious haunted castle. Its owners believe they can see silhouettes at the window when they leave, hear chairs move, can smell food and hear a family eat when they are in the living room, and their dog even plays with an invisible friend.

Fougeret is so famous in the paranormal world that Ghost Hunts are frequently hosted at the castle.

The property itself has a history spanning seven centuries, starting with the Hundred Years’ War that opposed the Kingdoms of France and England against each other. At least two deaths occurred in the old home, including that of Marie-Felix Médard who died in 1898 from leukemia at 39 years old, and that of Alice, who died there at 22.

Teenagers Gang Up On Friend at Château Crussol

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On the night of July 31, 2015, three teenagers gathered at the base of the ruins of Crussol Castle in South-Central France. And they were looking for blood.

It all started when a young man, 21, upset that his girlfriend was courted by a rival, decided to take action. In addition, the man owed him a small drug debt.

Together with a friend, a young boy aged 17, and his girlfriend, 17, he concocted a scheme to take his life and used the girl to lure the man into the woods. There, the two boys were waiting for him with machetes, and stabbed him more than 10 times, aiming for his chest, face, arms, and skull. When he collapsed, they ran away and threw their bloodied clothes and the machete into the Rhone river.

Luckily, the man was able to drag himself towards the road, where he was rescued and taken to a hospital. Three days later, the Police was able to arrest the wannabe killers.

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