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Trevor Noah will be taking over the Daily Show on Monday the 28th of September. Filling the massive shoes of Jon Stewart will be no easy task, but we think the South African expatriate will be able to add huge value and insight to the nightly news show. What can we expect from the new Daily Show host?

He Is Very Funny! –  Trevor has been performing stand up for over a decade, he has filled out massive shows, and toured around much of the world, he is quick witted, sharp and has a huge cache of jokes that all sorts of people will find funny.

Political Humor – He is no stranger to political humor, with South African politics and the shambles that it is featuring heavily in his stand up shows. He should have plenty of ammunition with the upcoming election to get a taste of US political comedy.

Race Issues – Trevor Noah grew up in Apartheid South Africa. A system that made it illegal for people of different races to interact. And in his words “I was born a crime” with a black South African mother and a white Swiss father he and many others like him born into “mixed” families faced incredible difficulties and had no right to a family life.

His experiences with “Legal” discrimination give him a great platform to dive deeper into the race issues currently making headlines in the US. Furthermore conversations about race in South Africa are far more open and less “Politically Correct” Thus expect Trevor Noah to really add some value when discussing racial issues in the US.

Insight – At XpatNation we often talk about the unique insight an expatriate can bring to the US. Trevor grew up in Johannesburg in South Africa, and will surly be able to offer interesting insight into how the world views the US. What it is that people love and hate about America and what the general image of the United States is around the world.

He will also be able to bring to light some of the universally funny things that occur around the world, that perhaps a regular American host might have missed out on. EG. his very funny skit about Zambia and their love of escalators, I highly suggest you give it a watch, “Just don’t be gay!”

Video Thumbnail
Trevor Noah - Zambia loves escalators, just "don't be gay."

Perspective – Trevor Noah will be able to bring a unique perspective to the news cycle, only recently emigrating to the US from South Africa, he will have a whole different way of looking at the news then many American TV hosts.

Expect him to be able to offer a fun take on how our news system operates, offer a global view of the success of the US. Perhaps most important, he will be able to contextualize some of the more shocking stats about the US.

Politically Independent – While Trevor might lean left or right, (most likely left) on a number of issues, he was not born into the American political system, he has not been raised a Democrat nor a Republican, so expect him to straddle the political lines. This could not be more important at a time when issues in the US are so politicized that many will simply back up “their side” no matter the issue.

It will be refreshing to see an “Independent” on television. Furthermore he is not a citizen of the US, thus he will not be voting in the upcoming elections, this political neutrality could play really well with independents and moderates on both sides of the political aisles.

He is Handsome! – If you are going to be on television  four nights a week, you better be smart, you should be quick witted, but by gosh it does help to be handsome!

Trevor Noah

He Will Teach Us A Little About The Rest Of The World –  Americans are often unfairly characterized as not caring too much about the rest of the world, but at XpatNation, a large proportion of our readers are Red White And Blue Americans, people who have been in the country for generations, but they still care deeply about what goes on in the world. Be it that they want a greater cultural understanding of a place or people, or perhaps they have a friend or family member who is living abroad, many from the armed forces who have a true and steady connection to the nations they have served in. I am looking forward to what Trevor might teach us about the wider world.

Watch Him Learn About The US – Whenever an expatriate moves to the US, it can be very interesting to watch them learn about the wider culture, to understand some of the stereotypes people overseas hear about the US are just as silly as some of the stereotypes Americans might hear about other nations, it will be interesting to see what Trevor finds surprising about America, and for him to learn about the fascinating history and culture of these United States.

Although Trevor has been working in the US for quite some time now, spending time in a country is very different than setting down roots and emigrating.

Jon Stewart Chose Him – Jon has worked with some of the great minds of television, and has put together a great team to work on the Daily Show, choosing Trevor to take over could be considered a risk, but Jon has been king making for years, with Jon Oliver, Larry Wilmore, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Rob Corddry, Josh Gad, Ed Helms and my favorite Olivia Munn along with many others all getting their break on the Daily Show, it is clear to see that Jon can spot talent, and if Jon thinks he is the right fit to lead the Best F#@king News Team Ever then we really might have a big star on our hands.

Jon stewart TN

Connect To His Audience On Twitter – While Jon was not social medias biggest fan, Trevor embraces the medium, he has 2.6 million twitter followers, regularly responds to his fans, and engages with the public on topics of interest.

Impressions! – Who doesn’t like a good impression? Trevor has a huge cache of amusing impressions in his repertoire, any comedian will tell you that a good impression can go a long way, and many Daily Show fans will be having a good laugh at some of his accents and voices.

Check out the video below to learn a little bit more about Trevor from the man himself and to hear some of his very funny impressions.

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Trevor Noah - Live at the Apollo - London

His Smile : )

Trevor Noah Smiling

The Daily Show Crew – The hardworking crew that Jon Stewart left behind will be in Trevor’s corner, making sure everything runs smoothly. Jon took the time during his last show to make sure they were all given their rightful credit, they are an integral part to the Daily Show.

The Daily Show Correspondents – The Daily Show correspondents are sticking around to work with Trevor, Jessica Williams, Lewis Black, John Hodgman, Al Madrigal, Kristen Schaal, Aasif Mandvi, Jordan Klepper, and Hasan Minhaj will all continue to work on the show.

Colbert Is Only On At 11.35 PM – What else are you going to do while you hopelessly try and stay awake for the Colbert Report : ( Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and you will have 5 minutes to do what you do during late night shows without someone mentioning the Donald and killing the mood.

This Quote – “You have to work a bit harder to offend me because I’m from the home of some of the best racism in the world. I’m a snob when it comes to racism.”

Election Season – Nothing makes better late night TV than a US election, get ready for The Best F#@king News Team Ever to tackle the 2016 Election.

About Trevor Noah:

Where Is Trevor Noah From? Trevor Was born in Johannesburg South Africa

How Old Is Trevor Noah? He Is 31 Years old, He Was Born on February 20th 1984

When does The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Start? Monday the 28th of September on Comedy Central at 11 Pm Eastern Time.

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