The 10 Funniest Translation Mistakes

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1. Exit or Success?

Image Source: Huffingtonpost

Hmmm..I don’t think whoever translated this realized “éxito” means “success.” So if you’re feeling down, just stand in this Starbucks line and you’ll find success!

2. Ninguana?

Image Source: Huffpost

Ninguana? Don’t think that’s a word.

3. Chaparrones?

Image Source: Huffpost

Where do I begin? “Vuelta” means “turn,” like “turn around so I can see you” kind of turn. “Lejos” means “far away.” “Chaparrones” are showers as in raining, down-pouring showers.

And “cuando usted es hecho” not only doesn’t make sense, but the literal translation of it would be along the lines of “when you are made” like made in a factory or something. It’s just all weird.

4. Until The To Hand Over Chip For To Boy

Image Source: Huffpost

Does anyone understand this? Didn’t think so.

5. Bread Waters Down

Image Source: Unhombresolo

Ummmm…  What??

6. Turn Your Bowels Loose?

Image Source: Slideshare

When Coors translated their slogan “Turn it Loose” in Spain as “Suéltate con Coors!” it actually meant “Turn your bowels loose” or “Suffer from diarrhea.” Whoops!

7. Flying Naked

avion mala traduccion
Image Source: Slideshare

American Airlines tried to promote flying in first class to its Mexican consumers with their slogan “Fly in leather.” Only, “in leather,” literally “en cuero,” is a slang term for being naked. Flying naked? Sounds like even more of a luxury!

8. Nuts Cocktail

Image Source: funnyjunk

Eww. I think you meant “Dried Fruits Medley.”

9. A Pen Will Impregnate You

Image Source: Linkedin

Parker Pens in Mexico; It won’t leak in your pocket and impregnate you! Good to know!

10. Dumbfounded Sky Bacon

Image Source: Lavengro

Anyone up for some “dumbfounded sky bacon” or “fragmentation hand grenade” for lunch today?

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