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What I Miss Most About Australia

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in New York, but in the wake of the holiday season, Australia Day, and living in below freezing temperatures while my homeland is baking in scalding sunshine, the homesickness does indeed set in.

So I set out to reminisce and put myself through endless bouts of nostalgia by asking the Australians in NYC about what they miss most from home, and combined with my own thoughts, this is what takes the cake:

1. The Food: Coffee, Bread, Potato Scallops…

Image Source: 1882 Australia

Speaking of cake, the number one thing Aussies miss most about home hands down is the grub. The Bread, the Coffee, expats screamed to me from their keyboards as I salivated with the memories. God, I do miss a good slice of Wonder White and a decent Australian flat white. The sugary breads and drip coffee of America are just dismal in comparison.

The list of foods my Australian comrades miss most is far too long for this article, but other popular absentees worth a definite mention include Arnotts BBQ and pizza shapes, readily available hot chips (with chicken salt), pies, sausage rolls, fish and chips shops (Potato Scallops!), Fresh passionfruit, and cane sugar (in comparison to corn syrup, which is used in pretty much everything here in the US). After compiling from the feedback over 200 comments, I now have a 500 word long note stored in my iPhone containing all the foods I am going to consume and bring back to New York from my visit home later this year.

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2. The Medical System

Image Source: Jeff Parker

This one I learned the hard way. Do you know if you ask your doctor an extra question while on a routine exam visit in the US it can cost you a limb if your plan doesn’t cover it? I never understood how bad the American medical system is until I moved here. As a fresh Aussie in this city looking to network, I would ask a local what their favorite part of their job is, and the reply would almost always be “the healthcare benefits”. I used to laugh, now I nod.

Once you become an expat in the US, gone are the days of bulk billing and free medical care, where that little Medicare card in wallet is your free pass to treatment, and you are outraged when you have to pay $150 out of pocket for a specialist appointment because you are too lazy to bother paying for (gasp) private health insurance!

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3. The Weather

Brisbane Australia 8
Brisbane, Australia-Image Source: Australia.com

An obviously front runner, Australian weather is like none other in the world, beautiful one minute crazy the next. She might have bipolar tendencies, but damn it she’s a stunner. Since being diagnosed with a severe vitamin D deficiency after 8 months in NYC, I (and many Australians like me) miss the amazing sunshine, salty breeze and dry heat of Australia, even if it comes with a side of summer downpour and a random tornado thrown into the mix.

4. The Nature and Landscape

Australian Beach-Image Source: Pixgood.com

My sunburnt country has a natural landscape that is postcard worthy at every turn. Long winding sandy beaches with crystal blue surf and picturesque cliffs that even a scenic West coast road trip of the US can’t beat. My Aussie counterparts are on board with me when it comes to this, along with missing being woken up in the morning by native birds outside of our windows (instead of sirens), it seems that we miss salty hair and sandy skin the most. Sorry Rockaway, you just don’t cut the mustard.

5. The Laid Back Aussie Attitude

Brisbane Australia 15
Image Source: Australia.com

Us Aussies are renowned for our laid back attitude and approach to life, and pretty much everything else. Known for dropping in on each other for a spontaneous beer, or throwing around the phrase “no worries mate”. While I generally find Americans to be friendly, there is a sense of mate ship in Australia that is hard to find elsewhere in the world.

6. The Effective “Gun Regulations”

Image Source: Now This

Lastly, I had one cheeky expat throw “gun regulation” into the mix of things they miss most about Australia, and after accumulating an abundance of “likes”, by popular demand it seems rude to not include that one as a side note.

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The Benefits Of Living In NYC

Now before people tell me to “go and pack your bags and go back to where you came from, no one made you move here”, I would like to highlight that on the flip side of the coin, there are also a multitude of things that us Aussies don’t miss at all when it comes to reminiscing about home.

The bugs, including hordes of flies and spiders. Well, there wouldn’t be a week gone by in Australia where I was not coming into direct contact with one or more eight legged nasties. The limited opening hours (yes most shops in Aus close at 5pm), responsible service of alcohol (free pour bartenders of America, I salute you), tall poppy syndrome, ridiculously expensive bottled water and sub-par and expensive public transport (I’m looking at you City Rail) also made the list. But most of all, when it comes to myself and other Australians (specifically living on the East coast of the US), what we don’t miss the most about home is the constant dreaming about moving to New York.

Now Watch This Video Showing The Many Wonders Of Australia:

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